You don’t have to fly to Amsterdam for your weed-friendly vacation. You don’t even need to cross the border into Canada to take advantage of 420-friendly vacation destinations. You have plenty of options right here at home in the US. While Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, several others have followed suit since then. You now have your choice of beautiful locations to relax in and enjoy your marijuana.

Not all states that legalized recreational cannabis are the perfect vacation spot to enjoy your Mary Jane, but some have marijuana vacation tours, weed friendly hotels, and much more. It’s important to keep at the forefront of your mind that cannabis laws vary from state to state, and it’s still illegal at the federal level. While this makes partaking of your favorite vice tricky in some places, you still have plenty of options for a “green” holiday.

What you need to know before you travel

Don’t forget to bring your state-issued ID. You must be 21 years old or older to legally buy marijuana in any state. And it’s in your best interests to research the state and city laws about cannabis consumption wherever you’re headed. For example, in most locations, it’s illegal to smoke or vape in your hotel room or any public place, such as restaurants, bars, parks, and sidewalks. Some cities have wonderful weed lounges where you can publicly consume, but mostly, you must bring your own supply. Most locales have laws prohibiting selling and consuming marijuana at the same location.

Save time by researching where local dispensaries are in advance. Your new best friend will be the bud tender at a local dispensary. He or she can guide you on a variety of products, such as dried marijuana flower, bud, or leaf; tinctures; edibles; concentrates; CBD oils; and even creams and other topical products. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Budtenders are experts in everything cannabis. They’ll ask you questions about your experience with marijuana, your tolerance level, what kind of high you’re looking for, and more. They’ll explain how each product works, how much you should consume so you don’t get too high, and the right amount to buy so you’re not left with a lot of products you can’t take with you at the end of vacation.

Which leads to another point: don’t buy too much because you can’t take it with you. It’s illegal to transport cannabis over state lines, and it’s especially bad to attempt flying with it. Since airports follow federal regulations, and marijuana is illegal at the federal level, you don’t want to get caught trying to smuggle some reefer home with you.

Marijuana vacation mistakes to avoid

The previous point above is a mistake most 420 vacationers make frequently. The number of Uber drivers gifted pot by tourists on their way to the airport is astounding. There have been cases of vacationers lighting up the last of their stash curbside at airports before checking in for their flights home, which is a big no-no (public consumption is illegal pretty much everywhere).

Let’s talk more about buying too much. In most states, it’s legal to have up to an ounce of pot at a time. Seriously, this is more than even the most hard-core stoner needs. Too many people are leaving their unused weed in their rental cars, trying to give it to waitstaff at restaurants instead of tips, and other not-too-smart choices. It’s okay to offer your leftovers to others when it’s time to leave. But don’t expect the locals to take it in trade for the cold, hard cash they need to survive. Think of gifting cannabis as an bonus for residents or others.

Another mistake is getting too high. Dude, you’re on vacation. You want to enjoy your trip, not sleep through it. Don’t think you can get refunds for concert tickets or other events because you were too stoned to attend. Use your love of marijuana to relax and get pleasantly buzzed so you can enjoy the many activities and delights the city has to offer. Whether you’re in Denver, Hollywood, Seattle, Portland, or even Anchorage, Alaska, immerse yourself in the local culture, food, nightlife, and more. Don’t get so wasted that you miss out on life.

Make sure you’re discreet wherever you travel. Just because these locales have legalized recreational marijuana doesn’t mean everyone is on board. A lot of cities are trying to create safe spaces for you to consume, but until then, don’t be ignorant or disrespectful. You can’t light up anywhere. Don’t expect the anti-pot residents to be tolerant of your desire to consume. In fact, respect their right to a difference of opinion, and make sure you’re discreet while enjoying your weed. The last thing you want as a souvenir from your cannabis vacation is a public consumption citation.

Finally, newbies and more experienced pot consumers often make the mistake of thinking an edible just isn’t working. Actually, you haven’t given it enough time to activate. An important fact you need to know is that marijuana ingested is much more potent than when smoked or vaped. When you eat an edible cannabis product, it takes your digestive system longer to process it, but its effects are much stronger. That’s why some people eat a pot brownie and then ten minutes later eat another one because they think the first one isn’t producing the effect they want. They end up consuming way too much, which leaves them incapacitated. If you’ve purchased edibles, pay particular attention to the recommended dosage or serving size. Then give it up to 45 minutes to kick in. For example, if you’re attending a concert or festival, eat your cannabis product an hour before it opens.

Deciding where to go

Where do you want to go? You have your choice between Colorado, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and a few other states plus the District of Columbia where you can legally possess marijuana but can’t buy it.

Some states have a full-blown tourism industry set up for those who want to immerse themselves in the pot culture. You can take tours of commercial grows to see how they produce, cultivate, and harvest marijuana, or enjoy a “brews and buds” type excursion where you sample various offerings. You can even get a cannabis massage to relax your muscles, relieve tension, and rejuvenate your physical well-being. In fact, you have so many options, think about what you really want from a cannabis vacation.

Are you only interested in getting the best pot and sitting on the couch to get high? Or maybe you want to experience the 420 culture that is one of the quickest growing industries in the US. Perhaps you just want to combine gambling and your favorite vice. Regardless of what you expect from your cannabis vacation, there’s a city, hotel accommodations, restaurants, a vibrant community, and more to help you have the trip of your dreams.

Let’s look at a few locations and what they offer.

Los Angeles, California
California is one of the best places to visit for everything weed. They’ve been doing the medicinal weed thing since 1996 and have embraced weed enthusiasts and travelers since recently legalizing recreational marijuana use.

You can find 420-friendly hotels that also have dispensaries on site in Hollywood. There are bed-and-breakfast options that allow cannabis use anywhere in their public areas and even offer community vaporizers so you need not buy your own. Also, check out the many membership sites you can either join or get a day pass and consume your marijuana in whatever form there all day long while enjoying an espresso or just hanging out. Since most places don’t sell marijuana, hit a dispensary first.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Okay, so Las Vegas is fun no matter what your reason for visiting. Marijuana just adds to your joy. Plenty of hotels in Vegas allow cannabis use, but also consider bed-and-breakfast options and others for a more unique experience. What’s perfect about Las Vegas is the options for addressing your munchies. So many buffets let you eat until you get your money’s worth, but don’t focus only on buffets. There are plenty of other fun places to visit with amazing atmosphere and wonderful food like The Peppermill.

Make sure you scout out weed-friendly options in Las Vegas before you visit so you’re not stuck with the same-old options everyone else gets. Vegas offers truly fantastic cannabis vacation options you won’t find anywhere else.

Denver, Colorado
Since Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, they’ve had some time to create amazing vacation opportunities. Besides a vibrant “bud and breakfast” culture, there are tons of other weed-related services in Denver like a mobile cannabis lounge and pot-specific transportation services.

Denver is also known for its great food, and they’ve added some “brews and bud tours” to whet your appetite. A local favorite for residents and vacationers alike is Ian’s Pizza where they’ve created options like the mac n’ cheese, burrito, or loaded baked potato pizza. Could you ask for more when you have the munchies?

Portland, Oregon
Did you know Oregon decriminalized pot possession in 1973? Besides being a cannabis-friendly location, Portland has amazingly beautiful areas to visit and plenty of bars, restaurants, and shopping. The Jupiter Hotel is a cannabis-friendly hotel in Portland with a great location that’s within walking distance of everything you want to see.

While in Portland, take advantage of some of the country’s best food trucks. With over 500 options, you can choose from any cuisine and any price range. Some of the city’s favorite food trucks have people lining up at all times of the day and night for a taste. And don’t overlook Portland’s thriving donut business, perfect for late night munchies.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is called “The Emerald City” because of its beautiful, vibrant, green landscape, but we like to believe because it’s a popular weed vacation designation as well. From offerings on Airbnb to bed and breakfasts and other accommodations, you have your choice of pot-friendly places to stay. Perhaps the most exciting opportunity in Seattle is its progressive offerings for foodies. From 24-hour diners that fix amazing milkshakes and omelets to interesting restaurants offering unconventional yet tasty food, you can find it all in Seattle.

Plus, Seattle offers plenty of outdoor activities for those who enjoy nature. Take a hike and don’t forget to bring your stash. Nature is so much more inspiring when you’re high.

How to schedule a fantastic weed vacation

First, search the internet for weed-friendly vacations. You’ll be astounded at the options. Many of the results have links to hotels and other accommodations and fun tours, events, and more to take part in while on vacation. If you already know what state you want to visit, add that to your search.

Also, visit Ganjapreneur which has an impressive listing of businesses that focus on marijuana tourism. Wherever you want to go, they have a listing for tours, accommodations, transportation, dispensaries, and more. They make it easy to research your marijuana vacation and choose the best options to make your trip memorable.

Finally, expect your options to grow. As legal recreational marijuana states like Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont figure out how they want to run and regulate their programs, they’ll soon realize the incredible boon to their state’s tourism that weed-friendly vacations offer. Expect the East Coast to be as pot-friendly as the West Coast in the near future.


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