When it comes to cannabis use, there is often that stigma that pot smokers are lazy couch potatoes wasting their life away getting stoned and watching television. However, to the non-pot smokers, the qualities of the different strains of cannabis are a mystery – they don’t know that some strains might want to get cannabis users up and moving. In this article, we are going to discuss some activities that pair well for sativa usage during the day.

Before we dive into what activities are best done with the high-minded help of sativa strains of cannabis, let’s first cover what sativa strains are and how they differ from indicas. Sativa strains tend to provide a more uplifting high than their indica counterparts do. For those consumers who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, sativa dominant strains tend to help patients by relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, treating chronic pain, and increasing focus and creativity (which we’ll explore more later in the article!).  Many patients tend to medicate with sativa strains during the day, while using indica strains at night to help them relax and induce sleep.

When it comes to using sativa during the day, smokers can enjoy activities both indoors and outdoors. Some early-morning smokers might even pair a nice bowl of a sativa-dominant strain with their morning coffee. Let us dive into some activities or even daily chores that can be done right after firing up some Silver Haze or a nice bud of Durban Poison.

Getting Creative

When it comes to boosting creativity, sativa is most assuredly the route to go. Strains such as Blue Dream are known to help boost the creative juices and might be the key to overcoming some writer’s block. Since sativa strains tend to contain more THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis that provides the “high feeling”), most people report that it produces a more of an energizing mind high which can help push through any writing assignment. While on the topic of writing, almost anything relating to art whether it is creating or enjoying can be enhanced while smoking a sativa-based strain.

Are you a lover of music? Has your favorite artist just released a new project? Sativa is great when enjoying some great new tunes. Its uplifting effects will have you up and dancing to your favorite artist’s songs. If you are heading out to a concert or music festival you might want to consider bringing some sativa-dominant strains with you to enjoy while watching the show. Unlike indica strains that might leave you with a body-high lethargic feeling (stuck on the couch), a nice sativa will have you up and dancing while enjoying the show.

Household Chores

Many of us hate tackling household chores such as cleaning, laundry, cooking/meal prep. One way to find a little motivation is to light up, vape or eat some sativa. Sativa strains will give you that little extra push you need to get through some of those daunting and mundane tasks that many of us try to put off for as long as possible. Lighting up a nice bowl of Sour Diesel of AK-47 should provide you with the kick needed to know off some of those tasks on your spring-cleaning to-do list. Are you feeling imaginative after finishing a nice joint of Jack Herer? You might want to take this time to redesign your living room or other space inside of your home.

Did you happen to wake and bake only to open the fridge to see nothing but empty shelves? While going grocery shopping hungry (or with a wicked case of the munchies) isn’t viewed as a “good” idea, going after enjoying a nice sativa based strain might help you during your grocery shopping. Are you one of those shoppers who often strays from your list and easily get distracted resulted in impulse purchases that you don’t really need? A sativa strain will help you remain focused on your shopping list so that you will not stray from your essentials! As mentioned earlier, sativa strains tend to boost creativity levels for users. This might come in handy when it comes to trying to come up with new recipes to try at home. The creativity enhancement in sativa strains might help you look at the normal foods that you purchase in a different light and help you come up with some new dishes, unleashing the master chef you’ve always had hidden within.

Vacation Activities

Are you a roller coaster enthusiast? If you are ready to kick your experience up a notch, try smoking a popular sativa strain such as Lemon Haze or Super Silver Haze before jumping in line at your favorite theme park. Maybe heights make you nervous or not a roller coaster person to begin with? Sativa strains are often used by medical patients to help ease levels of stress and anxiety. If you catch yourself with a case of clammy hands, or that nauseous feeling as you edge closer and closer to the loading platform, a sativa might help calm down and get you on a level where you are ready to jump in the front row and enjoy your ride.

Outdoor activities such as camping or hiking are a perfect way to get the most out of your smoke session. Hiking is one of the best activities you can enjoy while you are nice and stoned after a session of some Strawberry Cough, combining the sensations of nature and the exhilaration of quality exercise. While walking through the wilderness you will notice that colors on the leaves and other surroundings might become more vibrant, the bird songs more intense, and feeling of wind on your face more bracing. One of the biggest hurdles that people have to overcome while hiking is keeping the motivation to keep on moving. If you catch yourself starting to get a little tired during your hike, just find a comfortable spot to stop, rest, and light up a nice bud of Ghost Train Haze to keep you pushing forward.

Water activities such as taking a dip in the hotel pool, or catching some waves in the ocean, nothing beats enjoying a sativa strain before jumping into the water. Many smokers tend to feel an intense floating sensation after a quick smoke and getting into the water.

Getting your Fitness On

When it comes to exercising, cannabis might not exactly be what typically comes to mind. Oftentimes before a quick workout, many people might turn to some kind of pre-workout mix. Even though many of these pre-workout supplements are popular, and contain many useful ingredients, it is understood that many contain many unwanted chemicals and sugars.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is a natural way to prepare for a strenuous workout without all of the extra chemicals and excess cost. While those users who value their health (hey, we all should), might not resort to smoking a bowl or blazing a joint before hitting the gym, they can still experience the effect of using cannabis before a workout in other forms, whether it be through vaping, edibles, or applying it topically through a cream or patch.

For those who like to run, Green Crack might work as a great energy boost to get you up and moving. Running can cause both a mental as well as a physical challenge for many runners, whether they are professional or amateur. Green Crack not only supplies users with that extra level of focus to keep you pushing through to the finish line, but it also provides a high level of energy as well.

Maybe running is not your idea of a good workout. If Zumba or another form of dance is how you choose to get your daily dose of cardio in, maybe you should consider trying some Sour Cheese before your next dance class. Sour Cheese is a sativa dominant hybrid that not only helps relax the mind to help you feel at ease but also gives that extra kick of energy to help you groove and become one with the music as you watch the pounds drop!

For those who are hitting the weight bench, you might want to consider firing up some Harlequin before getting those reps in. This high sativa strain is low in THC but high in CBD. After firing some of this strain, you will be able to focus on getting your posture right while completing various weightlifting exercises.

Fitness is not all about physical activity. It is just as important to take care of the mind, as it is the body. When it comes to working out the brain, activities such as meditation and yoga are always good to exercises to keep the mind fresh, helping you to stay sharp and productive whether it be at work or school. Sativa dominant strains are great to use during any of these activities, as it will allow your mind to stay focused whether it is on your posture during a yoga exercise or your breathing while sitting quietly and meditating.

Staying at Home

Maybe it’s a rainy day outside or the weather doesn’t call for outside activities. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy some daytime leisure activities while at home. Even though kicking back and watching a movie might be something more so associated with a nice indica, however, a sativa will provide you with that cerebral boost to keep you engaged in that new movie or television show that you have been waiting to binge!

Do you have a couple of friends over? Maybe it is time to bust out the good old-fashioned video game system! Even though it is kind of a cliché, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some video games with friends when the weather is not ideal. The mental effects of sativa dominant strains will help you keep a laser focus on whatever game you choose to play (nothing wrong with some Mario Cart!), keep that mental edge as you challenge yourself and your peers to grab that new high score!

Perhaps you just want to gather around with some friends and catch up, or you have a networking event coming up on the horizon. A nice sativa strain will help you open up, especially if you get anxiety being around others. A few hits of Silver Kush will have you feeling nice and relaxed while, also supplying smokers with a severe case of the giggles. Invite some friends over, pass some of this strain around, and watch the laughs all night.

Whether it is getting some household chores done, exploring the great outdoors, hitting the gym, or just relaxing with some movies or video games, sativa strains can help enhance almost every activity. You should talk to your local budtender in your nearby dispensary to see which strains would be right for you based on your symptoms (if you are a medical patient) or what would go best with whatever activity you have lined up!

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