Meet Christopher Wright, aka Blue, Expert Cannaprenuer, CEO and founder of Cannabis Talk Network, and creator and radio host of the number one cannabis radio show, Cannabis Talk 101.

For over a decade now, Chris has had his hands in all facets of the Cannabis Industry. From medicinal marijuana dispensaries and cultivations to controversial cannabis activism, Chris is a pioneer for the cannabis movement.

Christopher Wright got his start in the entertainment industry years ago, as the lead vocalist in rock/rap group Imperial Stars. Imperial Stars made history by notoriously shutting down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles. Chris’ shutdown created a legendary traffic jam, with intentions to bring awareness to the homeless youth epidemic in Southern California.


Although he had much success in the music industry, cannabis became Chris’ passion and priority. He gained a new appreciation for the plant during his father’s battle with metastatic lung cancer. Cannabis provided his father with hope and quality of life during his fight with this illness. After witnessing the miraculous affects first hand, Chris knew it was his purpose to take action and speak up for others who may also benefit from this alternative medicine. It was his mission to wake up those who are unaware of the science and research behind cannabis. Chris’ father knew that his son was unafraid to push the envelope for something he believes in. Before passing, he encouraged Chris to step up and help legalize cannabis. Chris organized a movement with the primary purpose to educate the community about the benefits of the plant.


Before legalization in California even became official, Chris took action on his promise to his father, when he established Cannabis Talk 101. The first and only Cannabis FM radio show in Southern California. Through Cannabis Talk 101, Chris had the platform to not only educate, but to also empower the cannabis community including consumers, vendors and the lucrative aspects of it, and investors in cultivation. Aside from his personal activism, Chris works side by side with a foundation called “Weed for Warriors”. The Weed for Warriors project supports holistic rehabilitation for veterans with PTSD and opioid addiction by organizing community- based projects, supporting cannabis education, and participating in proactive care advocacy. Chris also utilizes his radio and education platforms by giving medicinal cannabis patients and professionals a place to tell their story and help make a change in society.


Considering the growing public interest in cannabis cultivation, Chris wanted to come up with a plan to provide guidance to those who needed it. He created the Cannabis Talk Network, now the parent company of Cannabis Talk 101, as an educational model and platform geared toward identifying and assisting entrepreneurs who want to pursue a legal cannabis business within the industry. Chris Wright’s commitment to his father and CTN’s commitment to the industry is apparent in its Mission Statement: to increase awareness about the positive benefits of marijuana, educate those who believe in it, and convince those who don’t. Chris has spoken at seminars and workshops across the United States with Cannabis Talk Network. He has brought cannabis education to states such as Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and more. His goal is to help the industry blossom and flourish from state to state.


Coaching by Chris helps people eliminate start up mistakes, and get their business moving faster. Over time he has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the history of the Cannabis movement. Chris has put in years of hard work within the Cannabis industry that qualifies him as a mentor. He has been hands on, studying the plant while assisting his father and brother in growing. He has seen both successes and failures, giving him the knowledge which can only be gained by experience. Chris has consulted with various grows and dispensaries, providing insight which have brought them success. He has worked along major companies within the industry such as High Times, West Coast Cure, The Pot brothers at Law, and has even done political work with the state senator of Hawaii, J Kelani English. Chris wants nothing more then to give back to the community, and finds genuine joy in sharing what he knows.


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“If you’re serious about learning what it takes to be successful in the cannabis business, I’m serious about helping you. Our education model and platform is designed to compress time and give you a big advantage in the cannabis marketplace.”


– Christopher Wright