Cannabis Talk 101 (a subsidiary of Cannabis Talk Network) announced today that it’s a proud sponsor of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall K, Sept. 26-28.

Cannabis Talk 101 radio show hosts Christopher Wright (Blue), Joe Grande and Marc and Craig Wasserman, the Pot Brothers at Law, will be attending, with Christopher Wright presenting and speaking.

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry and the leading forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs looking to achieve business success and identify new areas of growth in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.

“We’re excited about sponsoring the CWCBExpo and it’s a honor to be presenting,” stated Christopher Wright, Cannabis Talk Network’s founder and CEO. “We’ll have the entire Cannabis Talk 101 radio show team there and our outcome is to make a real impact.”

ABOUT Cannabis Talk Network:

Cannabis Talk Network, a national leader in cannabis business education and coaching, offers nationwide cannabis business education seminars and workshops designed to teach business entrepreneurs how to build cannabis businesses in various industry segments such as growing, distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, ancillary, and e-commerce, with the primary purpose of helping people eliminate start-up mistakes, while getting their business moving and growing faster. See more at

ABOUT Cannabis Talk 101:

Cannabis Talk 101 is a top radio talk show passionately focused on educating, advocating and defending members of the cannabis community and discussing the benefits of marijuana as well as the laws surrounding it. Its mission is to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way. See more at

ABOUT Christopher Wright:

As the founder and chief executive officer of the Cannabis Talk Network, Christopher Wright provides executive coaching services to other entrepreneurs who seek informed guidance on doing business in the cannabis sector. Expert cannaprenuer Christopher Wright (aka Blue) is also the creator and top radio host of the number one cannabis radio show in the country, Cannabis Talk 101, an entertaining cannabis talk radio show dedicated to educating and improving the lives of cannabis consumers.

For more information, please contact Chris Franchino, head of public relations, at (855) 500-8651 or email